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- Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Teen Directory have kindly added th Writing Circle in their directory. As the Writing Circle doesn't have a links page (hmm... should think about creating one now), I have decided to put a link back to them here.

Site Title = Teens Chat, Resources & Information

Site Description = Just 4 teens is the ultimate teens directory, with a comprehensive teens resources section featuring information on school homework, healthy living, cooking ideas (healthy eating), free games, teen resources, teen links, chat, child protection, entertainment & more.

Site URL = http://just-4-teens.com/


happy new year - 7 January 2005

Happy New Year from the Writing Circle to all! New Year represents new beginnings, fresh motivations and resolutions to many people. So not surprisingly, the Writing Circle has been updated with a new look and more content.

How was your New Year? Did anyone stay up to see the New Year come in? I did.

Useless fact: over 133 million texts was sent on New Years Day 2005.

Exercise 3: Write about the beginning of something.


my first day at FGYC - 19 October 2004

New job running a NYPO workshop at Forest Gate Youth Centre (FGYC). Gavin just called me up on a Wednesday asking me if I could start the NEXT day. So, I’m like, yeah, okay, cool. It’s been running from last Summer, with Rizwan leading the sessions. It was continued in September (without Rizwan) when the school term started again. So you know, I go along thinking everything’s organised, I’ll just come along and give a helping hand. What happens? NOBODY knows anything! They’re not quite sure what they’re doing or why they’re doing it. And oh yeah, about NYPO… they were CLUELESS.

Forgive my tendency to add a bit of drama… I’m not having a go at anyone (like if anyone reads this). Anyway, the kids weren't interested and the youth workers (hi, Francess and Gopal!) didn't seem to really know what they were supposed to do.

So I spent that first session as sort of an evaluative and introductory session. Introduced myself and found out what's been going on so far. And what’s been going wrong so far. Like why the kids seem so disinterested and how to make the sessions work better.

The kids were great though. Reminds me why I love being a youth worker. We had a chat about what they’ve done and why they don’t seem to like it, all the problems that they have so far. Main problems were the timing –they thought the sessions last too long (and hour and half) and cut into the time they want to spend doing other stuff at the youth centre. So we negotiated that from the next session, it will be slightly shorter. I asked for it to last an hour but the kids wanted only half an hour originally… so we eventually negotiated to 40 minutes :) .

Also said that the sessions weren’t fun. So we talked about what makes things fun (like why does Joel find computer games fun and Leeam find football fun). We came up with two key ingredients that make things fun: those ingredients are target and reward.

We need a target at the start of each session to aim towards. On achievement of these targets, they will get a reward (chocolate or something). Good incentive and motivation, hopefully.

Next week I will brief them on what NYPO is REALLY about –hmm, I think I’ll have to think long and hard about this :). And also actually get down to the business of web designing. Whew!

Till then!

Exercise 2: Write about starting something new e.g. starting a new school, starting a new project, a new football team etc…